3 Tips to help introduce new foods to your children

Are your children picky eaters? 

Do you have power struggles at mealtimes when introducing new foods?

Ever just wish that your children would just eat their food without a fuss….. Does it ALWAYS have to be a struggle

Here are 3 ideas that can help


Think about which food you would like to introduce. What food would be the easiest to introduce based on what you know about your child? Introducing new food is a process and once you have been successful with one food you can follow the process with other food. Think about what you would say to them about the food. Have a conversation around healthy eating (the length of conversation will depend on the age of your child. You may need to have a few short conversations) These conversations happen before the moment they will try. Prepare them for when they will be trying. Choose a time when you are not in a hurry. In the moment refer to the previous conversations you have had

Start small

Start with one item of food at a time and stick with it until they eat it.  Keep introducing it from the perspective of “this is a healthy food, we eat healthy food” as if this is the way it is. The emphasis is on this is the way it is, and not trying to get them to eat it. If we chop and change and try lots of different foods we are starting from scratch with each conversation. If we stick to one food, their education about that food develops which builds familiarity and ultimately less resistance to try it

Treat introducing food as a process not focusing on the result

When our children resist we often feel like giving up because it feels like it is not working. Our impatience to get a result is what stops our success. Treating the process as an education opportunity and being consistent and focusing on our process reduces our frustration. It takes as long as it takes. When we follow through on the teaching each time maintaining a good emotional state, they will learn It is all about letting go of our need in the moment because the more we NEED them to eat it, the more they hold the power in that moment. 

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In closing

Use these tips and others I provide in my blogs.  I am here to support you through your entire parent journey

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Gail is a Family Relationship Coach specialising in Parent-Child Relationships. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring parents to develop children’s self-awareness. She believes that this can be achieved by balancing parent’s needs with children’s development and happiness. Understanding how to synchronise our thoughts and emotions and what drives them ensures our happiness, and our children reaching their full potential. Gail is a Qualified NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner with over 10 years’ experience and success at applying these techniques to children’s learning and behaviour. Her success with her own son is proof of the possibility of true potential

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