Ever feel…

Life is so busy there is no time for my needs and dreams?

When the kids get to this age, then there will be time for me…

Balancing work and kids causes such guilt! Your kids hearing the words: “Mommy’s working” all the time…

Here are 3 tips you can use to ease this 

  1. Give yourself permission to be okay with having work and life separate to your kids

Do you have the perception that to be a good mother is to be with your children the whole time, that their needs are more important than yours? Society’s perception that we have to always be there for our children can be confusing and sometimes seem impossible, like nothing is ever enough…


It is okay that I have work that I enjoy and I can be a good mom

It is okay that sometimes my children won’t have my attention. I know I consciously make time for them and that is enough

My needs are just as important as theirs

When we consciously give ourselves permission to have our needs too, we start to find ways to meet them. This can be uncomfortable at first but keep reminding yourself often that you deserve it. Each time your children moan, check in with yourself and reassure yourself. I deserve my time and my dreams too, I consciously make time for my children.

  1. Clarity of what you do with your kids gives you peace of mind

To give yourself peace of mind when you are busy with your own work, being clear about the quality time you spend with your children helps. 

I make time on a Tuesday afternoon after school to spend half an hour quality time with them without my phone or distractions

I consciously make eye contact and hug them intentionally every morning

We have story time regularly

When we are clear with when we spend quality time with them, we can remind them each time too

Our special time is Tuesdays after school and mommy is working now

When we feel guilty, we can remind ourselves – we consciously connected with them this morning, we are making time this Tuesday to spend together.

That reminding consistently can settle the guilt. 

  1. Be okay with a bit of conflict

Sometimes a bit of conflict can be healthy. It is just the way we handle it that counts. Often, we think if there is conflict it must be wrong. Actually, if there is no conflict something is wrong. In our families everyone is different there has to be differences in opinion. Teaching our children how to handle those differences is important. If we keep them happy the whole time at our expense, they will learn not to respect us and will get disappointed in the world when others don’t. Taking time for ourselves even if our children get a bit upset, is necessary. The way we handle that is by acknowledging how they feel and then stating our need

I know you really want me here and it is mom’s turn. We have our time on Thursday


Our dreams as mom’s are important and it is up to us to make sure we make time for them no matter what!

In closing

Use these tips and others I provide in my blogs.  I am here to support you through your entire parent journey

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Gail is a Family Relationship Coach specialising in Parent-Child Relationships. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring parents to develop children’s self-awareness. She believes that this can be achieved by balancing parent’s needs with children’s development and happiness. Understanding how to synchronise our thoughts and emotions and what drives them ensures our happiness, and our children reaching their full potential. Gail is a Qualified NLP Practitioner, NLP Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner with over 10 years’ experience and success at applying these techniques to children’s learning and behaviour. Her success with her own son is proof of the possibility of true potential

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