Measuring ourselves by our Results

Often we measure how well we have done by the result we get. While the result is important, measuring ourselves by our results creates our stress and our stress impacts our performance. When we are stressed we are not as resourceful and learning becomes less effective. Managing our stress is essential to good performance.  We don’t always have control over the results. Sometimes the exams set are more difficult than expected, sometimes we are not well on the day of the exams or there has been stress in the family causing distractions so the result is not always an accurate reflection of our ability or performance and when we don’t do as well as we would like to it can impact the way we see ourselves.

The best way to measure ourselves is by focussing on our commitment to study. We have complete control of this and we are able to test and measure this on an ongoing basis to improve our performance. This can be uncomfortable because here we have to take complete responsibility. When we focus on developing ourselves, our discipline to push through even when we don’t feel like it or when it is hard, we are developing our character and strength in character is what will result in success. It is who we become that is important. The goal is to reach a place where we are happy with our commitment and effectiveness of our studies regardless of the result we get in the exam. This develops a sense of certainty within us that we are capable and that we can get what we want which results in the success.

Measuring ourselves by the gap between where we are and where we want to be

Setting a high goal is the first step. Our focus then needs to be on how much we want it and not the goal itself. We can use how much we want it to develop the perseverance to achieve it.

When we measure ourselves by the gap between where we are and where we want to be this causes dissatisfaction and loss of motivation which will impact the effectiveness of our studying and ultimately our result. Our goal is just the target to work towards and on the journey, we need to focus on measuring ourselves by our effort and perseverance to achieve the goal. Again we have control of this and can test and measure it on an ongoing basis to improve our performance.

In summary, when our focus is on our inner game (developing our commitment, perseverance and effort) it builds our sense of certainty within us and reduces our stress. This gives us the ability to find a way to achieve whatever we want.

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