It is that time of the year again. Does it feel like you are running out of time and energy?

There are so many more things to do, more functions, finishing our work schedules before we go on leave, organising for holidays and financial pressures. It is so easy to get caught up in this process and then, end the year feeling exhausted and stressed. What if we took a step back for a minute and just gave some thought about what is really important?

Tips to avoid End of Year Stress

  • Don’t just say yes automatically to every invite or function

So often we have more functions and meetings to go to at the end of the year, do we automatically think that we have to go to all of them? What if we didn’t? Thinking about each activity and talking to our family members before we commit is such a good idea. I remember one November rushing around with such a busy schedule with my boys that one day, feeling exhausted, I asked them, do you really want to go? They casually answered, “not really”. That surprised me, I automatically assumed that it was important to them. After that afternoon we discussed each activity before committing and our schedule slowed down. We started to enjoy the activities we did attend because we weren’t feeling so rushed and we weren’t going because we thought we should, we actually wanted to.


  • Assess each activity that you are doing, and what it gives you – is it worth your time?

Taking some time to think about everything on your schedule and how much value it adds to you is important. It is a good exercise to do to see what percentage of your day you spend doing things that do not really enjoy. There will always be a few things that we need to do, but if most of our day is spent running on “have to’s” that is what leads to our stress and unhappiness. How important are these activities? What can you delegate or leave out? How can you make those few “have to’s” more fun and enjoyable?


  • Have the courage to say no even if some people may not like it

How often do we sacrifice our happiness to avoid others from getting upset? Having the courage to be authentic can deepen relationships. When we are true to ourselves our interactions with others are more meaningful. Acknowledging how others feel without taking responsibility for how they feel is the answer. We can still care without always saying yes all the time. Conflict or when they get upset in the moment can be an opportunity for them to get to know you better which can avoid conflict and expectations in the future.


  • Schedule time for you before your diary gets filled with invites

Blocking time in your diary for what is important to you before your diary fills up results in everything else fitting in around that. When you have met your own needs, you have more to give others. When we make time for ourselves and our loved ones our activities and schedules run more smoothly. Have you truly connected with your partner and children today? Have you given yourself time just for you?

Sometimes carrying out these tips can be challenging, what stops us from doing them? Do we believe we just can’t? I am here to help. Developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and why we do or don’t do what we do helps us to make decisions that are more in line with what we really want so that we can make our lives and relationships more meaningful. If you are interested, book a coaching session with me to find out how.

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