How to truly influence your children in your day to day interactions

  • Are you having difficulties getting your children to listen? Have you ever wondered if you were parenting your children the way they need it?
  • Do you ever feel guilty when parenting your children?
  • Do you feel that the way you are parenting is working? Is your parenting resulting in newly learned behaviour or do you keep in the same cycle?

Join me to learn how a shift in focus and responsibility through your communication reduces conflict and get your children to do what they have to, on their own. Workshops are very interactive. Bring your specific challenges and go home with real solutions.

We will show you how to…

  • understand the real WHY behind your child’s behaviour
  • Work with the different personalities in your family
  • find out how to truly influence your child
  • understand your own needs so that your child’s behaviour doesn’t upset you
  • build your child’s EQ and confidence

Topics we will cover

  • How do your children understand and interpret your parenting? This determines your effectiveness!
  • How is their emotional development impacted by the way you parenting? This determines their confidence!
  • Exact steps to putting a structure in place so that there is no need for misbehaviour.
  • How to develop a foundation for open communication so your children learn self-motivation and self-discipline.
  • Do your children see and appreciate you for all the effort you make? Learn to show them how!
  • Do you “overreact”? Get to know why you react in a certain way and how you can change that.


Date: Saturday 08 February 2020, 9am – 2pm
Venue: The Peartree, 41 St Albans Avenue, Craighall Park
Investment: R1600.00 per person, R1400.00 per person for couples. Bring a friend and pay R1400.00 each
Applicable for: Parents with children aged 3-11 years

If you are interested in attending please book with Gail at [email protected] or phone 083 267 4624

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