This workshop is designed to give parents specific strategies on how to raise confident, successful children,create a loving, connected family environment and develop the life of your dreams.

The workshop consists of four sessions, four hours each, where parents are given the opportunity to share their experiences and challenges and how to apply the techniques learnt to their specific experiences. Sessions are held once a week for four weeks so that they are able to apply the techniques learned and discuss them in the next session before moving on to the next techniques.On the workshop you will learn:

  • How the understanding of what drives your children’s and your own behaviour will result in a calm, stress-free family environment
  • How the understanding of the connection between our behaviour and our needs and how to satisfy them, creates an environment where everyone feels the love and connection we all desire
  • How to teach your children to set achievable goals which will develop good self-esteem and result in successful, confident, happy children
  • How to create effective communication in the family and handle conflict which will result in peaceful negotiation where each person feels heard and satisfied


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