Create the Family you desire online Course – Parenting and Discipline


Master an easy-to-follow parenting system which creates the peaceful, happy home you want with cooperation and respect between all family members ……in just 6 weeks!

Receive 6 weeks of custom & actionable video program materials that show you not just the ‘what’, but also the ‘how’ to take your parenting and discipline to the next level

Have your burning questions answered and benefit from the challenges, progress and wins of other parents in our weekly live group coaching sessions

Suitable for Parents with children between 2 and 12 years

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Have You Ever Experienced This?

  • You find yourself continually nagging and it takes so much energy just to get your children  ready and off to school in the morning
  • ​Your children don’t just listen or do the daily things we do every day – they need continual reminders
  • ​Everything is a power struggle, all goes well and then your children power struggle for seemingly no reason
  • ​It feels like your home isn’t the happy, peaceful place you want it to be
  • ​You feel unseen, not respected as if your children don’t hear you

What if it could be different?

Join me and get solutions to:

  • Understanding and managing your own emotions like frustration, impatience, shouting, and guilt to create lasting peace that does not impact your children negatively
  • ​Understanding how to get what you need even when your children are misbehaving or in the learning process
  • ​Diffuse power struggles easily 
  • ​A peaceful morning and evening routine
  • ​A proven system to develop self-responsibility in homework routines
  • ​Developing healthy sibling relationships without fighting and competition
  • ​Develop healthy emotional habits in your children so that they are able to handle life’s challenges 
  • How to handle differences in personality types and parenting styles to get the results you want
  • ​Handling back chatting and harsh words
  • ​Developing your child’s way of thinking so they listen effortlessly
  • ​Give your children the skills they need to guarantee they will be happy and thrive in life

This Program Is The Ultimate Parent Support System Giving You:

  • Peace of mind that you have a proven system to manage and develop your children during all phases of their development
  • ​A way to create the love and connection you want with your children together with clear consistent boundaries 
  • ​A deeper understanding of yourself and guaranteed ways to get what you need during the parenting journey 

Who Is This Program For?

This program is built for you if you are:

  • A parent who is dedicated to give your children the best you possibly can
  • ​A parent who wants to guarantee that by the time your children are adults you have truly done all in your power to be the best influence
  • ​A parent who wants to know just how to balance putting in effective boundaries and developing a great relationship with your children at the same time

Ultimately this program is for parents who take the responsibility of parenting seriously and are eager to learn the skills to not only make their lives easier, but to guarantee their success in raising empowered, happy children. 

Whether you have angels for children or are really struggling, if you are ready to create the family you desire, this program is the proven way to create that happy family with respect and cooperation.

Here’s exactly what you get…

Module 1: Enlighten – our approach is everything

Week 1:  Understand how parents unknowingly contribute to power struggles and how to tame their own frustrations without impacting their children

Week 2: Understand what is behind your child’s behaviour and how to get them to do what they need to do

Week 3:  Learn how to manage your child’s emotions and develop heartfelt connection with them and develop their sense of responsibility


Module 2: EMPOWER – The Art of Discipline


Week 4:  An easy-to-follow parenting and discipline system to reduce power struggles and conflict

Week 5:   Revolutionize your daily routines from nagging to developing accountability in your children

Week 6:  Develop close family and sibling relationships without competition and fighting


Support Structures

6 Weeks of Program Material

Receive 6 weeks of custom & actionable video program materials that show you not just the ‘what’, but also the ‘how’ to take your parenting and discipline to the next level

Receive a workbook each week with practical steps to ensure your success (what questions to ask, what words to use to get the results you want)

Video content is available to listen to at any time and as many times as you need. 

Access to a community of like-minded parents

Access to a community of like-minded parents who are on the same journey as you! This is a space to share your story, learn from others, collaborate and stop by for inspiration, education and support.


Weekly Live Evening Group Coaching Sessions 

Have your burning questions answered and benefit from the challenges, progress and wins of other parents in our weekly live group coaching sessions, where we delve deeper into each module’s content, to ensure you can practically apply what you are learning. Group sessions are recorded so that you can go back and watch them whenever you need to


One year’s access to program material

Program material will always be available for you to re watch as you need it for one year from the start date of the program


How is this program different (and better)?

I am not just a Life Coach, I have personally mastered what I teach

I became an expert in Parent Child Relationships through my personal journey. From a difficult, protected childhood I was determined to give my children all they needed to thrive in life. I was determined to have a good, close relationship with them. My journey started with being divorced with 2 small children, one with special needs (whom I was told would never read or write). There was never a clear line between what my special needs son could understand and what was misbehavior. He challenged everything I knew. As a single parent I had to learn to balance time for myself, work and time for BOTH boys.           

 I give you not just the WHAT but also the HOW                 

There’s nothing more frustrating than being told what to do, and being left on your own to figure out the how. So this program will SHOW YOU exactly how to apply the strategies in your situations – I take you step-by-step through real situations

You get 18 year’s experience of trial and error in a simple system

I went to a master NLP coach weekly for 10 years, I have studied and qualified as an NLP coach and have 18 years of experience with trial and error to master the techniques I teach. I have done many personal development and parenting courses and combined all this to give you a practical, easy, step by step system that works in your day to day interactions with your children

Frequently Asked Questions

Time frame:

Our next 2021 program runs for 6 weeks, commencing on 8 March 2021 .  It will cover 6 actionable topics to drive a step-change in your family dynamics. This is an intensive program, which will transform your family relationships. We suggest you only join if you are ready to work through the content.  We do not transfer parents to future cohorts


What age do our children need to be for us to benefit from this program?

This program is designed for parents with children between the ages of 2 and 12 years old. All strategies can be applied to all ages, but the examples shared, and the group sessions are focused on these ages


When are the Live Group Coaching sessions?

Live group coaching sessions are 1,5 hours long and held via Zoom on Monday evenings between 19h30 and 21h00 through the duration of the course


What if I miss a coaching session?

All live coaching sessions are recorded and available in your portal to listen to at a time that suites you. We encourage parents to attend all sessions and submit their questions to get the most out of the program


What if I fall behind?


We understand that learning parenting skills is not an overnight process – we also understand that each parent develops at their own pace! The good news is that you have access to all the content for 12 months from the start date, so if you fall behind you are welcome to work at your own pace and catch up in your own time.


We do however encourage you to stay up to date, and benefit from the group sessions and opportunity to ask questions in each application. All children and parents are different and being able to tweak the content to your specific situations enables better results


Do our children need to attend?

We suggest that you arrange for your children to be looked after during the live coaching sessions. That way you can put 100% focus on the learning and application of the strategies. The course content is developed in a way that you learn and build on your learning each week giving you time to practice strategies with your children and bring questions to the live sessions

Via Zoom  – Limited seats available – Maximum 10 people

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